Solving Problems at the Nexus of Science, Business, and Education


Areas of Expertise

agricultural & urban pest management

  • Pest mangement research and development consulting across all commodity/specialty crops and urban environments
  • Proponent of Integrated Pest Management principles and practices in either cropping or urban settings
  • Practical and administrative experience directing global research programs from personal in-field research through data review for corporate decision-making 



technical training & document editing

  • Classroom pest management training for any size audience or technical level
  • Creation of subject matter training/reference documents
  • Technical editing/proofreading of client-produced reports for legal, registration or publicity venues
  • Ghost-writing for trade or refereed journals based on client's or sponsored proprietary research 

professional workshop design, development & facilitation

  • Offering customized workshop design based on client goals/objectives: from hourly to multi-day workshops
  • Maintains close contact with client from initial consultation through final workshop delivery ensuring sponsor satisfaction across development timeline
  • Creation of interactive workshop exercises to actively engage target audience
  • Experienced in diverse subject matter and technically diverse target audiences

expert witness

  • Litigation consultations for plaintiff's or defendant's counsel
  • Legal document review, written Expert Witness reports, appearances for deposition and trial
  • Engagement at the class action or private lawsuit scale 

strategy development & project management

  • Uses long-term corporate goals to develop a suite of strategy options for client review and discussion
  • Develops strategic and efficient timelines and processes to lead pest management project from inception to launch
  • Singular active ingredient- or portfolio-scale projects





  • Corporate-scale Human Resource Development curriculum design
  • Consultation/development of people management processes and metrics